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Aomori Prefecture which has native bushes of beech trees in Shirakami Mountains registered as a world natural heritage is proud of best cumulative dose for beech trees in Japan. Beech trees have much moisture as they are called “Dam in forest” so that they have not used to be good for building materials. BUNACO is a technique which was developed in Aomori Prefecture in 1956 to utilize the beech trees so that they can be used for value-added manufacturing. The technique of BUNACO is slicing raw wood of beech tree by rotary cutting principle to be 1mm thickness and winding up the tape-shaped-cut, and then formed by extrusion. While it is processed with handmade one by one, it can become product which enables to let you feel unique beauty and warmness. Thanks to possibility to extrude asymmetrical forms which is hard to be realized by woodwork processing like turnery to rotate and process materials, the technique can widen the design ranges from classical ones to modern ones. BUNACO technique started to be used for tableware and its range has been widened to lamp, audio speaker and now done to extent up to interior industry. These items has been selected as good design merchandise by the Ministry of Economy and awarded variety of prizes both domestically and internationally. BUNACO is keeping on providing products which get along with each era while letting the processing method and materials for the traditional craft remained as they are.



As result of verification to apply BUNACO technique to wireless speaker, it was turned out that unique transparency and soft tone can be realized thanks to minute level difference in the inside cavity and sound absorbing performance beech tree materials have. Omnidirectional speaker the diaphragm stands vertically was developed taking much more capability to sweep tones in space into account while this characteristic tone quality can be remained as much as possible. Clear sound spreads to space from the upward unit and then, it rains onto whole room.